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       2nd edition... one of the great railway poster books - only 27.50 including p&p (UK)
       watercolour prints
"...I am pleased to recommend this beautiful and thoroughly-researched book to all those who love Britain, its railways and the art of watercolour painting."
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A tour around Britain during the middle years of the century using beautiful landscape paintings by leading poster artists commissioned by the railway companies.

Reliving the days of steam when railways resembled travelling art galleries!
an excellently researched and written book
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Appeals to many-great authorative book
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Watercolour by Fred Taylor
Fred Taylor-a great English landscape artist
The Lost Art of the Carriage Print
Using many of the prints from his personal collection, the author takes us on a nostalgic tour of Britain in the mid-20th century, before modern town planning and the motor car had exerted their baneful influence on the landscape. From the mid 1930s to the late 1960s, trains virtually became travelling art galleries and it is this period which forms the centerpiece of this book.

Dividing the subject geographically, he takes us on a carriage seat tour and covers six regions featuring a variety of scenes - from fascinating views of towns and cities to pleasant villages in rural areas; from the rugged mountains of Scotland and Wales to the numerous ports and resorts around the coast of Britain, dwelling on such pleasures as a railway outing to the seaside. He also devotes a chapter to the artists and the artwork and another to the collecting of carriage prints today.

With its well researched, often humorous narrative, 200 illustrations with full captions, biographies of the artists and comprehensive print listings, this definitive book will appeal to railway enthusiasts and historians, art and antique collectors, lovers of watercolour and commercial art and all beguiled by images of the landscape during the age of steam.

The River Thames by Frank Mason
Frank Mason-another leading watercolour artist of this century

Top Quality...
  • Large-format art book, 192 pages, 135 gsm art paper, full colour. Hardback bound & jacketed, 240mm x 270mm (9" x 10" landscape)
  • Over 200 quality illustrations with full captions & 9 maps
  • Stunning paintings of Britain by leading artists. A fascinating display of watercolour styles
  • The definitive book on the subject by its leading authority
  • Includes biographies of all commissioned artists
  • Full history of subject. Comprehensive listing of prints, dates & existence of original artwork
  • Advice and information for collectors
  • 27.50 including p&p ISBN 0952960214
  • Published by GNR Publications, PO Box 485, Bugbrooke, Northampton NN7 3ZY
  • Tel/Fax: +44 (0)1604 830031
For all ...
  • Admirers of the British landscape
  • Railway enthusiasts and collectors
  • Art lovers

Landscapes under the Luggage Rack by Greg Norden Only 27.50 including p&p (UK)

"A delightfully nostalgic book... it should enthral almost anyone with an eye for a gift that is rather different and rather special" Allan McLean - Scotsman

Signed copies by the author - a unique gift, available at no extra cost.
Price 27-50 including postage & packing (UK only)


More than just a book - a kaleidoscope of impressions as vivid as views from train windows - glimpsed at speed and never forgotten